Straw Bale Veg Patch

Stage 1

Buy the straw

At £5 per bale delivered I have A&B Contractors to thank. Only slight criticism may have been that they could have been bound more tightly, although, being the ignoramous I am about straw, I didn’t know this at the time so did nothing about it!
It was delivered on time & put where I asked. So all good there.

Stage 2

Put the bales together

This took quite a lot of work – but not by me! I have to admit to getting someone in to do it for me. Very good friend & professional gardener H.

  1. She put down a layer cardboard – plenty lying about as I have just moved.
  2. She made sure that the bales were more solid & then laid them out in a shape that would mean I would be able to access the bed without ever standing on the soil.
  3. The whole thing was staked to keep it upright.
  4. I’ve been advised to kick it periodically to discourage nesting creatures – like rats – otherwise I won’t have any crops for myself!